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all in-Hillbillyin'California style!

  A child of the 60s, Jeff Allison was born and raised in the Inland Northwest and transplanted to SoCal in 2015. He began designing cars professionally at 17, with the Jolly Rancher wheel standing fire truck being the first. 

    Allison has been a "recognized" name in the hot rod/custom culture/lowbrow art scene for decades and has even owned an actual "Barris" kustom, the 1951 ASTRA coupe...  Jeffs work has been featured and published in hundreds of magazines, he has designed AMBR and RIDLER contenders, cover cars, record setting cars, cars for video games, toy lines, and apparel and merchandise for countless well known clients.  And even Star Wars inspired Hot Wheels cars! 

  Past clients include General Motors, Acura, Mattel, EA Games, Galpin Ford (GAS), Jagermeister, Disney, Lucas film, Universal pictures, Billetproof, ZZtop, Speedway motors, Goodguys, Shine speedshop, Walden speed shop, IDA concepts, SEMA and too many more to possibly list them all. 

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   Having been friends since before the conception of Old Anvil speed shop Jeff has been an influential contributor since its beginning and became a partner in 2022. Allison design is now the full time in house creative/design department of the company.  

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