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1966 C/10

The og patina '66 


This truck started out in Paul's garage in old towne orange, before old anvil was even an idea. The truck was being built for a firefighter friend who wanted a fully slammed, perfect-patina c10.

Fast forward a year and the dream of opening old anvil had actually happened and the slammed c10 was the first client! 


The '66 Chevrolet became our R&D hotspot ... Paul perfected his engineering for the custom chassis, developed upper/lower control arms, CNC custom parts and dialed in the fully functioning 'laying frame' look. 

unfortunately life gives the best people lemons and we ended up purchasing the truck from our friend. with his blessing, we finished the build just the way he had envisioned.  We added a high performance motor, a stout transmission and a heck of a holley wish list to make it one helluva fun truck!

We also want to give a huge shout out to centerline wheels for making the c10 look even more old-skool and hooking us up with the new convo pro 2.0 wheels!       

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