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Cammer Coupe

   It has a Ford SOHC 427 motor with webbers and Cobra style pipes. Independent front suspension, 4 link rear, 9 inch, 4 wheel disc brakes and knock off Cobra Daytona coupe wheels wrapped in Good year blue streak specials.

   The custom rear body mods, intake snout and bobbed fenders are all influenced by the FIA Cobra race cars. The gold paint and race stripes come from the LeMans winning GT40... and so many other details.



ALL PARTS HEAP rear 11.14 ice blue.jpg

 427 SOHC ‘Cammer’ motor built by Shaver Engineering in Torrance
 100% aftermarket parts for motor
 Wisco pistons (9.6-1)
 505 hp / 549 Torque
 Comp cams
 SCAT Crank
 Inglese stack injection
 Holley Dominator EFI
 Ford 9” rear end
 Old Anvil 4-link rear suspension
 McLeod Bell Housing, McLeod Clutch, McLeod Flywheel
 Tremec TKO 5 speed transmission
 Stainless Steel Kugel front end
 Model A on 32 chassis
 Top has been chopped with a 32 roof – 2 part tech article for Modern Rodding magazine

ALL PARTS HEAP rear 11.14.jpg
ALL PARTS HEAP front 11.14 ice blue.jpg
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