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Hi-test Harvester

the coolest parts truck in town!


our International Harvester gasser started life as a tired old truck, with no more farms to tend - so we bought it to part out!

Of course, being THe hopeless addicts that we are, we saw tons of potential in the rare short wheelbase, and couldn't bring ourselves to part out such a cool little ugly duckling.

Combine that with a few Years of collecting unwanted parts and fixing up a junky small block Chevy, the gasser became a parking lot project and finished in just under a month!  


the guys worked a few overtime hours and modified the suspension and even cut out some lime-green plexiglass for the windows! you can always see paul driving this ridiculous truck around town , setting off car alarms, annoying everyone eating outside and making kids smile at every stop light!  

Hound Dog Gasser tee color.jpg
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