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   you have been wanting this piece your whole Ford lovin' life and now its here! no more gross battery tray area or mickey mouse looking filler sheet. Our battery delete panel perfectly mirrors the drivers side panel, it also breaks straight instead of having the doglegg. its left slightly large to replace the entire fender well section, even the underlapp areas. Our panel has the correct embossings and upper break strength notches. These are hand made in our shop out of 18g steel, right here in the USA.


   It was created to specifially match the 64-65-66 Mustang fender panel but could easily be adapted to fit almost any mustang up to 70, any Falcon 60-70, any fairlane 66-70, any Comet 60-69 and Ranchero 60-70    


and if you are doing a mustang II syle front end look for our matching shock tower delete panels also, designed to bolt in and look factory.

Mustang battery delete panel

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